Volume 1, Issue 21


As we near the end of the year—2013—we at the Matrix Gazette are honored to have you as a reader. We hope you’ve enjoyed our cutting edge commentary, outstanding political cartoons, Global Police Blotter, and guests posts. We look forward to supply you with more intellectual ammunition for 2014.

In the meantime, let us take a look at some other sources of information that can help us achieve limited government that protects individual rights, not violates them.

Biz Pac Review “Based in Palm Beach County, BizPac Review is a privately held, for-profit news and opinion website covering news that matters to conservatives throughout Florida and the United States.”

The Objective Standard Written from an Objectivist perspective (Objectivism being Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, egoism, and laissez-faire capitalism).

The Drudge Report With links to almost every political columnist and news story of the day. I never miss a day.

Political Junkie Where news junkies go to get their fix. Our own Ken West is the News Junkie-in-Chief.

Townhall.com …designed to amplify those conservative voices in America’s political debates.”

Capitalism—WIIFM Find out what’s in it for you! “In the business of Life, we are all entrepreneurs, creating value in the marketplace of goods, services, and ideas. We produce results!”

CATO Institute The name speaks for itself. Libertarian think tank of the highest caliber.

Institute for Justice Fights the good fight against government abuse of power.

Here’s a comprehensive listing of 114 websites that focus on liberty, thanks to Stephen Kinsella. http://www.stephankinsella.com/2012/04/the-most-visited-libertarian-websites/

And finally, let us not forget our Matrix Gazette in this fight for liberty. Next week issue will offer you our special Merry Christmas message—not to be missed.