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11 Questions to Make Sense of the Riots

The regrettable, sad, and unjust incident with George Floyd should never have happened. He was obviously well under control, whose restraint should never have gone to the point that resulted in his death.  It has opened a Pandora’s Box of hate, tensions, and political upheaval.

I have always tried to not be naysayer and provide positive solutions to problems.   Identifying a problem is relatively easy, the hard part is providing a solution. To achieve a solution, a thorough understanding of the problem is necessary.

Unlike the current media with its agenda, I have no agenda other than trying to understand the events, actions, and motives of those that seek to influence us and change our social structure. With that in mind, I have questions about things I don’t understand. Perhaps they’ll help you understand as well.

For the sake of brevity, let me use numbered bullet points. Form your own opinions.

  1. How does destroying property and looting make anyone receptive to the message of the rioters?
  2. How do those committing violent actions expect non-violent reactions?
  3. If the purpose of demonstrations is to achieve recognition, why don’t they stop after they have achieved their stated goal?
  4. If they don’t stop, could there be another, not easily perceived goal?
  5. If America is a racist nation, how come we elected a black President when only 14% of the population is black?
  6. Is it possible that all the violence and looting can create a negative opinion of black Americans?
  7. How safe do white Americans feel, living or even going through a predominantly black neighborhood now?
  8. Is it really about color? Or, about education, language, lawful behavior?
  9. There are a lot of black people in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean Islands that were also brought over as slaves. Why don’t they have the same problem?
  10. Why can black, white and all shades in between live together in harmony in those countries and how can that be achieved in America?
  11. Is there a victim mentality that interferes with unity?

I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone. My purpose is to educate and unite not to alienate. —Godfly

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