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Biden and the Dangerous Freight Train Coming Down the Tracks

Last updated on October 19, 2020

If Biden gets elected he has promised to raise the minimum wage, extend Medicare to illegal aliens, champion a green agenda, raise taxes on the wealthy, restore the trade agreements Trump terminated, re-instate alliances with those that have taken advantage of the U.S. for decades and many more. Read all about it in the Democratic platform. It is definitely not pro-American.

Small businesses that have survived the pandemic, but have been weakened by it, will receive the grace shot to the head when the minimum wage is increased to $15 hour, old regulations are re-instated and new ones added. They will join the thousands of small businesses that have already shut down.

Unemployment will increase and the many citizens with minimum wage jobs will not be making $15 hour. They will be earning $0 per hour and will further tax the system by going on unemployment and applying for all the so-called benefits the socialist government provides.

Big corporations, excessively taxed so the socialist government can afford the needed funds to finance the social crisis they created by their policies, will, with their resources, move everything they can to more tax friendly environments and further deplete the number of available jobs, minimum wage or not.

When the Democratic (Socialist) government can no longer finance the snowballing economic disaster they created, they will have no choice but to seize private property, wealth, and businesses in an attempt to stem the tide of poverty blanketing the nation.

Soon thereafter, shortages of the most basic staples will begin. The society will break down except for the ruling elite. People will spend all their time trying to survive and put scarce food on the table.

Sounds farfetched? Ask the Venezuelans, the Cubans and the North Koreans that have managed to escape from those oppressive regimes.

Don’t ask the ones still living in their countries. If you do and they answer truthfully, you just condemned them and their families to, at the best, a life of greater suffering and at the worst, the loss of their lives.

Of course, an integral part of the process is to disarm the populace. An unarmed majority doesn’t stand a chance against a well-armed minority. Ask the survivors of Nazi Germany, Pol Pot, Stalin’s Pogroms and the citizens of Cuba and Venezuela.

In one of his earliest speeches, Fidel Castro said, “What do you need firearms for?  The revolution will protect you.” We all know how well that went.

Sixty-one years later with one to two million Cubans fleeing the Island and thousands dying in the Florida straits trying to find freedom by attempting to cross the ocean in flimsy homemade floating rafts, Castro’s yoke still presses on the throats of Cuban people. Except the elite of course; Raul Castro’s nephew tried to purchase a $200 million resort in the United Kingdom.

I sincerely hope the American people wake up and see the Communist train coming their way and gets off the tracks. The train is hard to see. It is coming in the dark and with the lights turned off. It has been coming for decades, but now it is close enough that you can hear it. Listen for the rumble…

One payor health care system, re-distribution of wealth, higher taxation for big corporations and wealthy individuals. That’s how they start. Pretty soon they raise the taxes on everybody, take away of firearms, reduced availability of ammunition for citizens. (This is already happening.) And the elimination of historical or religious material not in accordance with their narrative and beliefs.

November’s election is not about Trump or Biden. It is about whether we want free enterprise or Communism.

I pray for sight for those that cannot see, and that we make the right choice this November.

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