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Biden the “Progressive”

Last updated on May 3, 2021

In America, we once had a common reply to anyone who challenged our right to take a certain action — “It’s a free country!”

Back then it was almost true.

Now and for the longest time, it’s a faded, distant memory.

On every level — local, state, and federal — the government can stop you from taking what was once a moral, rational, and legal activity.

Meanwhile, the world of politics followed familiar patterns until…

The unexpected happened — Donald Trump was elected President.

Despite his irritating personality (to half the population) he was on the right track.

He and the Republicans eliminated job-killing regulation, canceled the “Iran Deal,” dramatically lowered taxes, encouraged small business, pulled out of the one-sided Paris Climate agreement, and finally lowered and somewhat eliminated the unrestrained, illegal border crossings.

Our economy responded with the best job growth in decades across all segments of the population.

But then, the Coronavirus pandemic came to town.

Trump’s big mistake was to take Dr. Fauci’s advice and allow the country’s economy to be shut down by state governors across America.

But Trump did encourage and empower pharmaceutical companies to come us with a vaccine in record time.

Then, in 2020 there was a close election.

Biden campaigned as a moderate dealmaker, willing to compromise.

Trump lost. Biden won.

Yes, many Trump supporters still contest those election results, yet…

Enter the Biden Administration and an entourage of “progressive” Democrats.

The elderly and avuncular President Biden appears to have embraced the young “progressives” of his Party — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and other far left Democrats.

Perhaps he feels it’s time to give the young radicals a chance. After all, he’s getting on in year and won’t be here forever. Might as well leave with a “progressive” legacy, maybe like a modern FDR.

His Administration and the Democratic Congress have begun to achieve their immediate goal — canceling everything that Trump accomplished, then force a “progressive” (leftist) agenda down our collective throats even though half the country voted for Trump.

Here is a top-of-the-head list of their “accomplishments” and agenda:

  1. De facto opening of the border to thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied, children and teenagers coming in at record levels. The message was clear to the kid smugglers and families — Biden will welcome you with open arms.
  2. Declare “Climate Change” Enemy #1, even for the US military. Biden’s “Climate Czar” John Kerry is so full of himself and political hot air that he may be causing half the problem all by himself.

Rejoin the Paris Climate agreement, giving China and many other countries a free pass until we emasculate our economy. (China, by the way, is telling the Biden Administration that it might give in if we ignore their moves against Hong Kong and Taiwan.)

  1. Demonize oil, gas, fracking, natural gas, and every conceivable fossil fuel. Replace them with windmills and solar panels to power our industrial base (what’s left of it) and our power grids.
  2. Pressure Americans to trade-in their new gasoline automobiles and switch to electric vehicles.
  3. Cancel the Keystone and other pipelines, putting thousands out of their jobs, and denying the US its ability to be energy independent.
  4. Cozy up to Iran again, perhaps offering truckloads of new, crisp hundred-dollar bills to sweeten the deal (as former President Obama did surreptitiously).
  5. Urge his Democrats to push through a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. The problem is not only the price tag. It’s his definition of “infrastructure.” Biden and the Democrats in Congress have expanded its meaning to include just about anything they want.
  6. Push through new taxes for “infrastructure,” and payments to Central and South American countries to allegedly alleviate the reasons for busloads of undocumented kids and teenagers from travelling South to illegally cross the US border.
  7. Tax “the rich.” Tax capital gains. Tax gasoline. Tax anything that moves.
  8. Despite new taxes, spend more — much more than the sum-total of the annual US economy. Make the dollar shrink in value as the Federal Reserve revs up the printing presses to print on paper not backed by gold, silver, or anything other than a promise of more paper.
  9. Meanwhile, apologize to the world for being America.
  10. Criticize America for “systemic racism.”
  11. Push “Critical Race Theory” on schools across America via a federal grant program. May be coming to your hometown schools soon.
  12. Push for Statehood for Washington DC.
  13. Set up a commission to consider adding more Supreme Court Justices (“packing the Court”).
  14. Make voting easy — so easy that one could vote without an ID. Then demonize any state that tries to reign in potential voting abuses.

There’s more — a lot more. Yet, these sweet sixteen ticking timebombs are enough to show you what we’re facing — turning our country upside down and inside out.

If we let Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and AOC free to romp around as they please, we’re in trouble.

It’s time to speak up, loudly and clearly.

Start with the word “NO!”

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