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Biden’s Cognitive Abilities and a Socialist America

As part of the aging process, we all suffer from age related loss of cognitive abilities. This is not the same as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but it is a normal decrease in mental ability due to aging.

This is not the same for all individuals. Many retain the clarity of youth while others decline. Already having started into my 8th decade of life and with a few other parts failing already, I was concerned about the only one that still seems to be working well and what I could do to keep it that way.

As a preventive measure, in order to set a base line from which any potential decrease could be measured, I decided to be checked by a neurologist. I am happy to report that I am still working at a much higher level than many individuals my age and have set a base line to monitor any potential decrease.

Just as casual conversation I mentioned to the doctor that in the next election we would be voting for the two oldest potential Presidents in U.S. history and that perhaps we should be looking closely at the choice of Vice-Presidents.

His response in a non-political manner, but evaluating the candidates from their appearances and comments, were that President Trump, regardless of his views or action was still sharp. (He also stated he had not voted for Trump).

But Vice-President Biden seemed to be advancing quickly from cognitive issues into a potential dementia and would probably have to leave the Presidency and allow the Vice-Presidential choice to become the new President. There is a high probability that should Biden win the election, within a relatively short time his choice of V.P. will become President.

Democratic voters, should realize that they are probably not voting for Biden, but for his choice of V.P.  Democrats, through their disinformation campaign, control of the media and the system of higher education that has been indoctrinating young minds into the benefits of socialism and communism, preaching that even though it has failed everywhere it has been adopted, American Socialism would be different.

I’ve been there and experienced communism, not in books, but in the flesh. All those that did not recognize it in the beginning and were strongly enthusiastic to embrace it, soon changed their minds when having to live under that system.

There are many examples to prove that point. The hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans that fled what was the richest country in South America. The thousands of Cubans eaten by sharks trying to cross the 90-mile expanse to the U.S in the flimsiest of floating devices, attempting to flee an oppressive government.

To all those that today work to bring America to that same state… You will regret it once the yoke is around your neck. By then it will be too late. Where are you going to immigrate? Why don’t you go to a country that you feel subscribes to your political and social views for a couple of years. I guarantee you will be anxious to get back to this one.

I never cease to wonder about how many Americans have immigrated to Venezuela. How many Americans have immigrated to Cuba? How many Americans have immigrated to China? How many Americans have immigrated to Russia?

My biggest question is why any American would want to bring here the system of government of countries that they would never immigrate to?  How come everyone in the world wants to come to America?

Go ahead, make America communist and within 5 years you will have solved the immigration issue! No one will want to come here.

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