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Last updated on March 29, 2021

By Sol Faci —

“Progressives,” Leftists, and Socialists, having gained almost total power in the US government and the educational, cultural and media institutions, are inevitably starting to consume each other. The historical model is the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution in which the various factions were consumed ultimately by Stalin.

This dissension among American socialists entails each thinking socialist reaching a Rubicon moment. That moment for some is the rejection or not of the Constitution and individual rights.

RFK Jr. and Naomi Wolf have reached and passed that moment choosing the Constitution and individual rights. While their understanding of both is necessarily warped, to say the least (otherwise they wouldn’t be socialists), it is encouraging to see that they have some functioning brain cells remaining and some hazy awareness of reality.

Their angst and distress over the totalitarian urges of their fellow socialists is on display in this video:

Newsweek also provides a couple of surprises:

One is an excellent article by Helen Raleigh detailing the ejection of so called “Asians” from the “People of Color” club, who now have to join the outcasts in the vaporous “White” club. Some “Asians” (really Chinese and Japanese Americans whose children are the smartest in the USA bar none) will now have to suffer the discrimination and harassment inflicted upon “Whitey”.  They already experience discrimination by many universities because their children are too smart and make the real “Children of Color” look dumb, and that’s racist or something.    So out they go.

Ms. Raleigh also describes how the “White” Asians are fighting back against Critical Race Theory which is akin to pissing on the you-know-what.

That such an essay could appear in Newsweek is unexpected, coming from such a leftist propaganda rag.

Not content with one off-the-plantation article, however, they have also published another:

Scott Newgent in his article bravely pulls the plug on the unicorns and rainbows narrative of the addadictome sex change operation and its aftermath. He describes the horrors of his experiences and seeks, with stoic bravery in this nightmare world, to protect children against these operations. Kudos to him and to Newsweek for publishing it.

Whether these instances of real commentary signify a change in the fake media culture is unlikely but remains to be seen. More likely is that the hacks will continue to bang the drum of totalitarianism until Uncle Joe Stalin redux arises and squashes them.

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