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“Come and Pry My Guns from My Dead Hands”

I am so frustrated with what is happening in this country.

I came at age 12 seeking freedom.

I found it… but now it looks as if I am going to lose it again to a group of radicals well funded by leftist billionaires that can finance unrest.

They stir up discord by trying to divide us by race and economical status.

It is so hard for me to comprehend how the land of opportunity ever became the land of the oppressed as seen by these political factions.

I arrived in the United States on June 1st, 1961 at age 12.

I had a small travel bag and a $5 bill my Godfather placed in the top pocket of the suit I was wearing.

I came alone and my parents came a few months later… my mother first and then finally my father in Nov. 1961.

I could write a book just describing how that happened and what happened next.

Now at age 71, I am again fearing for my freedom; except this time, I don’t know where I can go to preserve it.

My only choice, as I am now old enough (unlike the 12-year-old) to stand my ground and fight to preserve my freedom and all those I love.

I’d love to send all these non-working protesters that are either being paid by left wing radicals or are on welfare, to the countries where the socialist dogma they so much admire has been applied. It’s a philosophy that has never worked in over a hundred years and never will.

At my age, I don’t have much too loose. I have almost exceeded the actuary tables as to when I am supposed to die. Death is no longer a concern other than how it could affect my loved ones.

I am sure there are millions of old fart veterans like me that feel the same way.

We don’t have much to lose, but we can make a difference in the future of this country and in the lives of our children and grandchildren…

We do not incite violence, but we are all well-armed with our old guns and old ammunition.

The right given to us by our forefathers in the Second Amendment.

To all those leftist protesters I say, “Come into my neighborhood and try to burn my home just because I happen to have worked hard enough to have a nice home and have never lived in public housing or a ghetto.”

“Try to make me equal to those that have never worked as hard as I have and have lived off the taxes I have paid.”

And I will tell you… “come and pry my guns from my dead hands.”

Socialist Democrats don’t know what they are facing.

American citizens will never accept the heel of a Socialist Government on their throats.

And that is what the Second Amendment is all about.

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