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“Critical Race Theory” is a lie.

It is not a theory nor is it about race nor is it critical.

“CRT” is a plan to gain all political power by fragmenting the country into racial blocks.

This is the classic strategy of divide and rule cloaked in racial garb.

Its perpetrators claim their objective is to advance “identity politics” in order to advance the agendas of the “oppressed races.”

This gobbledygook means that they plan to seize all political power from the “oppressor race,” and distribute its wealth and positions of “privilege” to the “oppressed races.”

“Critical,” refers to a process of analysis and synthesis applied to facts to arrive at a true conclusion about some aspect of reality. It refers to a process of reason applied to reality.

In “CRT” World, where reason is explicitly rejected as being “White,” “critical” refers to the means of suppressing dissent.

Dissent is eliminated by “cancelling” the “White” race and “White Culture.” Any dissent by a “White” person is “cancelled” because it is said by a “White” person.

Any dissent by a “non-White” person is “cancelled” because he is “acting White.”

A member of any race is considered “White,” if he dissents.

In “CRT” World, there is no discussion, no disagreement.

In “CRT” World, children are taught that people are defined by their color.

“White” people are bad, “Black” people are good. “Black” people think differently from “White” people.

In “CRT” World, “Black” people can’t do math because math is a “White” thingy.

In “CRT” World, “Black” people can’t do any “White” stuff at all because it’s, well, “White.”

In “CRT” World, “Black” people can’t mow lawns, fix cars, build houses, write books, do math, or any of that “White” stuff because — (you guessed it!) — it’s “White.”

In “CRT” World, “Black” people can sing Rap songs, speak Ebonics, play basketball and football, shoot each other, drink beer, bitch and moan about being “oppressed” because that’s all “Black” stuff, and even though some of it is “White,” it’s really — (right again!) — “Black.”

In “CRT” World, “Yellow” people can do math and other “White” techy stuff and are really good at it, but that’s because, though they are “oppressed,” they are — (you’re on a roll!) — sort of “White.”

In “CRT” World, “Black” people don’t live in houses, use stoves or indoor plumbing, they don’t go to restaurants, wear clothes or do anything that — (no prize this time!) — involves something tainted by a “White” person.

If you are a “Black” guy and you mow your lawn, listen to Buck Owens, voted for Trump, can do math, play golf, and think the “CRT” World is a crock — that’s because you’re really an official “CRT”-certified, solid gold, genuine “White” cracker.

Welcome to the Club! Pull up a chair, sit down, have a drink, and enjoy your privilege!

Warning: Words in quotation marks represent fake “CRT”-created concepts and are guaranteed to have no relation to reality or reason. Any use of these concepts can be dangerous to your mental health.


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