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Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal…

What Crimes May Have Been Committed? Let’s begin with the obvious—obstruction of justice.

By Gregg Jarrett, GreggJarret Newsletter

News that the FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus task force in the deaths of thousands of nursing home patients and a suspected cover-up of the truth, invites the question: what crimes might have been committed?

Let’s begin with the obvious—obstruction of justice.

If it is true that Cuomo’s top aid Melissa DeRosa admitted to lawmakers that the state misrepresented the number of deaths in nursing homes to avoid having the data “used against us” in a Department of Justice probe, then DeRosa appears to have confessed to a potential obstruction charge.  If there were others, including Cuomo, who knowingly participated in concealing the truth this could constitute a conspiracy to obstruct.

Read the rest of Gregg Jarrett’s scathing exposé here…

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