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Do Political Posts belong on LinkedIn?

A while back I posted a Matrix Gazette satirical interview with Joe Biden on LinkedIn. Got many appreciative comments, by not by everyone.

Some guy commented, “Political posts have no place on LinkedIn!”

I answered, “I would tend to agree with you, but I’m reminded of the reality that if you don’t pay attention to politics, politics will most certainly pay attention to you. Congress routinely votes on and passes bills that can dramatically help or hinder your business pursuits. Not to mention the plethora of rules, regulations, licensing requirements, and edicts coming from government at all levels.”

The guy gave his most telling rejoinder, “Your assertions are baloney—your political postings speaks loudly about your professionalism. Leave your political rantings to the wackos on Facebook or Twitter.”

At that point I told him, “Thanks, we’re done!”

What say you, dear Reader? Do political posts belong on LinkedIn?

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