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Downfall of Civilization

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”
—William James Durant, The Story of Civilization

If we fail to learn from the lessons of history, we are condemned to repeat them. Erasing history, because it is offensive to some is preventing future generations from learning from the mistakes of the past.

The principles and tenants upon which this great nation was founded have been slowly eroded from within for decades. It has been a slow gradual process in small almost imperceptible steps.

With stealth and silent, sneaky steps they have slowly acclimated us to ethical, emotional, and moral values that society would have never accepted decades ago. This process is called progress by those who seek to dominate and dictate our lives.

They have taken us away from a moral, God loving society that respects the value of life, even if in the womb, and that subscribes to the idea that the family unit that has been the foundation on which this successful society and nation was built.

We are slowly regressing to the moral values of ancient societies, where life was worthless, perversions were prevalent and moral values were non-existent. An ancient society in which only the elite and warrior classes possessed weapons and the great majority of individuals were indentured peasants condemned to live a dreary life whose only purpose was to provide comfort and luxuries to the privileged classes.

Never have the concepts and principles on which this country was founded, been so threatened. Americans have fought in many foreign conflicts and in two World Wars to preserve the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and to make freedom available to all, both foreign and domestic.

We are now facing the greatest threat to our freedom. A nation divided cannot stand and is vulnerable to all, both, from within and without.

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