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Fauci Unmasked!

Last updated on May 11, 2020

If you look at the timelines that are emerging, it appears as though Trump knew from military intelligence and his spies that something was happening in China back in November. On top of that, his trade guy, Peter Navarro, discovered that China was hoarding medical supplies.

Trump, in order to save lives, wanted to shut down China. So, he went to Fauci to get his opinion. But, Fauci is a holdover, with Deep State handlers like the “whistleblower” who’d talk to people in the State Department and report back to Adam Schiff.  Then they could make up stories about what they discovered.

Fauci (and Birx) were instructed to oppose Trump’s moves against China, partly because they believed the WHO and the Commies, but more importantly, because they were on record as opposing Trump publicly. If Trump fired them for disagreeing, that could be used to create Impeachment 2.0.

After all, this is the same narrative as the first one — Trump defying entrenched bureaucrats, and his actions deemed an abuse of power.

But the virus turned out to be moderately dangerous, and Trump, learning from the last time, didn’t ignore or fire Fauci and Birx, he put them in charge!

So, the Globalists, again concerned with politics and not lives, decided to push the OTHER way. Saying the virus would kill everything if we didn’t shut down the world and lock everyone up. Everyone from Biden to the Pelosi have said that this “crisis” allows them to fundamentally transform the country.

Towards socialism, of course.

But that blew up too. Because now they are faced with a no-win scenario. There are only two options here. One, the numbers were inflated and wrong; or two, Fauci and the “experts” were way off the mark.

Trump listened to them, and it will be OK, but going forward he’s going to point to this as why the Globalist experts are wrong on everything from Climate Change to the IMF.

Alternately, we must believe that four million were going to die, but based on Trump’s leadership, we saved all but 60,000. Trump saved nearly four million Americans!

That’s got to be a record.

So yeah, it’s not that Trump always has a plan to trap these scumbags, he’s just really good at flipping the narrative and turning bad situations into profitable ones.

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