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Has the Great American Experiment Failed? Or Will it Live On?

Funny thing about history and its many conflicts is that it is always written from the perspective of the winner of the conflict. Facts inconvenient are omitted, and convenient facts are aggrandized to the point of fantasy. We are at a crucial point in history and I wonder who gets to write it.

Will our children’s children, get to know about the great American experiment that tried to provide freedom for all?  Or will they hear about the great socialist experiment that by curtailing freedom made us all equal. Equally poor that is.

A world where the few ruling elite will have all the privileges and the rest of humanity will be nothing more than serfs providing them with their luxurious living. The only way for an individual to get the privileges, will be to drink the Kool Aid and bend a knee. There will be no freedom of thought, no freedom of expression and only compliance to achieve a modicum of a good life.

There was a time when I wanted to live to the greatest age I could. What wonders could I not see? I never expected nor foresaw the turns that society would take. Happy to be old. I will either die or be euthanized by the new society for my inability to contribute to their goals.

And yet, I am old enough and have studied enough to know that life is a cycle. Those that now proclaim to have the power and knowledge to rule the world, will get their due in time. After I die, I will have all the time in the world. I’m just consoled by the fact that this too shall pass.

And if for some reason there is a deus ex machina that will save the day and allow the greatest social experiment of all times to survive, it will confirm the existence of God.

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