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Has this country lost all common sense?

Sorry to not have written lately. I feel my thoughts are too controversial for any publication. Please elucidate me if I am wrong for thinking that non-prejudice is about choosing the most qualified person regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, or creed for any given job.

So now we are choosing a black woman for Vice-President… because she is a black woman… both color and gender… and Uncle Joe promises to place a black woman on the Supreme court if the position should become available. How is that not prejudice?

Has this country lost all common sense? We are seeking ways to prosecute the police and to defund them, but we still expect them to protect us?

I would love to send all those anarchist protesters that seek a socialist state to Cuba. Let’s see how long they are going to protest there. Cruise ships are idle and empty, we could send quite a few of them to Havana. Try that crap there and tell your parents to notify us when you are missing.

If they are so socially concerned and want to defend the rights of the people, go to North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and try doing that stuff there. Let’s see how good it turns out for them.

The only reason they can do it is because they are in the United States of America, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all (even if the indoctrinated ones that can’t see it).


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