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How to Reclaim Your Freedom!

Last updated on September 8, 2020

Intellectual Ammunition from the Matrix Gazettes first five months

In this special report, we offer insights and resources to help you reclaim your freedom — and then, to preserve, protect and defend it!

The foes of freedom have been chipping away at our moral certainty for a generation or more. It is time to reclaim it.

Learn the principles of freedom. Get the facts. Challenge anyone who claims the power over your life. Challenge them with the principles of freedom and the facts which they so conveniently ignore.

To win this fight against government overreach and the enemies of liberty requires long term thinking and planning, while doing what you can each day to make your voice heard.

We offer you the following hard-hitting insights to help you do that…

19 Words that Sparked a Revolution

During this COVID-19 lockdown, as governments usurp more power over our lives and strangle our economy, let’s remember the words that helped ignite the American Revolution. We need them again.

I had the opportunity to speak before a group of police officers, demonstrating the power of those words.

Here’s what happened…


Intellectual Ammunition from America’s Founding Fathers

We’ve been under severe restrictions for travel, recreation, living, breathing, and making a living.  Governments effectively shut down our economy except for whatever commerce can still take place with their permission and via the internet.

We’ve been under difficult circumstances in our history… our Revolutionary War, political turmoil, the Civil War, Prohibition, and endless modern wars. Difficulty and travail are not new to America. We’ve gone through it before.

What makes the current economic turmoil unusual is that it’s been directly caused by government action that’s severely restricting economic and personal behavior.

The Founding Fathers would be shocked at what is going on today. Did they know about pandemics? Certainly. The black plague would be in their historical memories. These men were realists and practical.

So, what would our Founding Fathers say?  Let’s find out…


How the Virus Hit

It started in Wuhan, the sprawling capital in Central China of 11.8 million people. It’s a huge hub of economic activity. According to its website, “Wuhan Tianhe International Airport handled 24,500,356 passengers back in 2018.” It services 32 cities around the world.

With the incredible outreach of Wuhan as a transportation hub, it did not take long for this disease to spread around the world. The Chinese government, however, clamped down on news about the disease at the early critical moments as it was about to infect the world.

Read the rest of the story here…


Living by Permission in COVID-19 America – and Its Surprising Relevance to Ayn Rand’s Least Read Novel

When I was a young man there was a popular expression in this country. Whenever someone challenged your right to do something, you would reply, “It’s a free country!” And you believed it. Back then it was almost true.

After decades of new regulations and bureaucratic overreach, the COVID-19 pandemic gives government the excuses they need to clamp down even more. It reminds me of Ayn Rand’s long-forgotten novel…


Is This the End of the West?

Whether one calls it postmodernism or globalism, the ideological assault on the very foundation of the Western nation-state model has been unrelenting; with the greatest threat to the security and survival of the democratic West coming not from Russia, China, or Jihadist terror but from the self-induced deconstruction of Western culture from within.

Today, in the wake of decades of group identity politics and the attendant deconstruction of our heritage through academia, the media, and popular culture, this conviction in the uniqueness of the West is only a pale shadow of what it was a mere half century ago. It has been replaced by elite narratives substituting shame for pride to one’s own heritage for patriotism.  Read the rest of the story here…

11 Questions to Make Sense of the Riots

How does destroying property and looting make anyone receptive to the message of the rioters?

If the purpose of demonstrations is to achieve recognition, why don’t they stop after they have achieved their stated goal?

If America is a racist nation, how come we elected a black President when only 14% of the population is black?

Consider the remaining eight questions here…


Defunding Our Defenders – What’s Behind the Call to “Defund the Police”

“Liberal” mayors in Democrat controlled cities order their police force to “stand down” in the face of the looting. No reason is given, other than to not antagonize the community. So, the community burns. Stores that serve the poor are trashed. Then, stores of the well to do are broken into and looted. It’s a happy time for looters who carry TVs, Nike Sneakers, and every conceivable object that was once for sale. No more! Many of these stores will never open again.

Perhaps these “liberal” mayors and legislators are not aware of the three basic functions of government. It’s time to remind them…


President Trump’s Mt. Rushmore Address

President Trump delivered the most important speech of his Presidency at Mount Rushmore on July 3rd, 2020.  If America is to survive as a free nation, it’s a message that deserves the widest possible audience.

We offer you the following key passages from the President’s address…


Face Masks Now! Face Masks Forever?

Why do they require us to wear face masks? It’s a good question. Why should you care one way or another? Well, you could get the COVID-19 virus if you don’t.  Is that true? The “experts” tell us that we should wear them not only to protect ourselves but to protect others in case we are infected but have no symptoms.  What should you do?

We will consider such questions as “Should you always wear a mask, where, and for how long into the future?”

Our crack team of reporters at the Matrix Gazette have collected an array of research and pertinent quoted material to help you decide…

21 Websites to Help You Preserve, Protect, and Defend Your Freedom

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”—Thomas Paine

The following websites represent many perspectives: Objectivist, Libertarian, and Conservative. Some have an underlying agenda of which you and I may personally disagree. But they have intellectual arguments worthy of consideration and reasoned debate.  Many have ideas that could be implemented, especially now. Most have a lot to say about the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the government response.  Here’s the link to all 21 websites…


A Pile of Leaves, the National Debt, and the Virus

The Coronavirus Lockdown devastated our economy.

The black hole of Federal debt can finish the job!

How the teenage brain can tell us a lot about the Federal Debt…


Meanwhile, it’s time to lighten up, before we all go crazy. This may help…

Political Satire that Will Have You Rolling in the Aisles (watch out you don’t hit your head)

Three rollicking interviews with Joe Biden!

A Midnight Call from President Trump

Father Anthony Fauci Hears Confession

Our Exclusive Zoom Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

A Prayer to Sleepy Saint Joe

Here’s your gateway to levity…


Each Week We Also Present

The Global Police Blotter

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Sports That Escape the Lockdown

Joe Biden Quote of the Week (You’ll think it’s satire… but it’s real!)

Letters to the Editor

Last but not least, the incomparable, un-politically correct illustrations by  Investigative Cartoonist, Tom White.

If you like Matrix Gazette, pass it on to those who could use fresh insights on what’s going on and what to do about it.

And, best of all, it’s FREE. No Paywalls! No bullshit.



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