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How to Win in the post-Covid World

“Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation.”

by Paul Leinwand and Mahadeva Matt Mani, Harvard Business Review

Winning in the post-Covid world will require re-imagining not just how you work, but also what you do to create value in the digital era.

Summary: Covid-19 accelerated the pace of many companies’ digital initiatives — and yet many executives are expressing concern that they’re actually falling behind on making the important choices that lead to differentiation.

To win in the post-Covid world, leaders must re-imagine not just how your company works, but also what you do to create value in the digital era.

The authors, who have studied more than a dozen companies that have truly transformed themselves, recommend three actions for leaders looking to secure their companies’ future: 1) Reimagine your place in the world, instead of focusing on digitizing what you already do; 2) Create value through ecosystems, rather than trying to do it all alone; and 3) Re-imagine your organization to enable a new model of value creation, rather than asking people to work in new ways within the confines of the old organizational model.

Link to the full Harvard Business Review article here…

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