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How We Got Here and Where We Are Headed

Here is how we got here…

Decades of indoctrinating youth by taking control of the educational system.

Decades of eroding conservative values through control of the media…movies, TV, etc.

Decades of shaping opinion by only covering news favorable to their agenda and spinning those that are not.

Decades of increasing welfare programs for able bodied that are not working. 11 states have more people on welfare than working.

Dividing the citizens by race, religion, economic status, and core values using all media.

Following basic Communist philosophy… “The end justifies the means.”

Following Stalin’s election strategy… “It is not who votes, it is who counts the votes that is important.”

Where We are Headed…

Nikita Khrushchev warned they would feed us Communism one spoonful at a time, and we would wake up a Communist nation.

The agenda.

  1. Full control of the Health system.
  2. Full control of the food supply.
  3. Total control of the media.
  4. Issue new monetary system to control those that have concealed money.
  5. Disarm the citizens either by confiscation of weapons or control of ammunition. Already happening. Tried to purchase ammo lately?
  6. Redistribution of wealth through taxation and confiscation.
  7. Control of all utilities, electricity, water & sewer, energy sources, even garbage collection.
  8. Control and monitoring of all systems of communication. Already in place.
  9. Close monitoring of all potential dissidents. Cameras, GPS, cell phones, navigation systems, Alexa, smart appliances, credit cards, banking system, etc.
  10. Reward citizens not on their ability, but on their compliance with system.

Future Results, with some Current Realities:

  1. Broken down Health system.
  2. Scarcity of food and consumer goods.
  3. Propaganda 24 hours a day.
  4. Devaluated currency.
  5. Oppression of an unarmed populace.
  6. Everyone equally poor, except the ruling elite.
  7. Further control of the population by denial of energy or services.
  8. Identify and monitor discontents and re-educate as needed.
  9. Eliminate or neutralize discontents. (euphemisms)
  10. Only those in agreement have success.

Currently 11 states with larger welfare rolls than employed citizens constitute better than 20% of the 50 states. When they grant statehood to Puerto Rico it will be 12 out of 51.

As old regulations are re-instated and new ones added, small businesses will begin to fail creating greater unemployment and swelling the welfare ranks increasing the disparity between the employed and those on welfare.

As the economy collapses, shortages of basic necessities will increase.

The unarmed populace will not be able to oppose the oppressive system as they will be too busy worrying about putting food on the table daily. The American standard of living will decrease to Third World levels.

Only consolation is being able to tell today’s Democrats, “We told you so!!”  They won’t wake up until they feel the Communist boot pressing firmly down upon their necks.

Maybe then the pendulum can swing in the opposite direction. In the meantime, they will keep believing the lies of their masters.

For some, ignorance is bliss.

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