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How Will You Measure Your Life?

By Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business Review

“Before I published The Innovator’s Dilemma, I got a call from Andrew Grove, then the chairman of Intel. He had read one of my early papers about disruptive technology, and he asked if I could talk to his direct reports and explain my research and what it implied for Intel.

“Excited, I flew to Silicon Valley and showed up at the appointed time, only to have Grove say, ‘Look, stuff has happened. We have only 10 minutes for you. Tell us what your model of disruption means for Intel.’ I said that I couldn’t—that I needed a full 30 minutes to explain the model, because only with it as context would any comments about Intel make sense.

“Ten minutes into my explanation, Grove interrupted: ‘Look, I’ve got your model. Just tell us what it means for Intel.’ ….

“That experience had a profound influence on me.”

Read what happened here…

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