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Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Received via Facebook. In regards to Biden & Trumps exclusive debate coverage.

“Ken, I loved it, unfortunately, it does seem to be uncomfortably close to being factual rather than satire.”

The Joe Biden – Donald Trump Debate – Matrix Gazette’s Exclusive Debate via Zoom

Mark L.

To the editor: Received via Facebook.

Add this to your Gazette!!!!

Woody Graber

— Woody, thanks for taking the time to contribute. // MG

To the editor: Received via email.

Let’s face it. Too many black Americans refuse to acknowledge the thousands of white American lives lost during the Civil War to gain their freedom. Were all those who fought and died to free the slaves racists?

How come if we are white, we are immediately branded as racist if we comment anything negative about the civil disobedience that is taking place by a bunch of thugs, both white and black? Only difference is that many of the white thugs are paid to stir up controversy and create chaos.

I have never thought of myself as racist and have had many great friendships with black people. I say black because that is how most choose to qualify them. My friends that happened to be black, not by choice, but by genetics, shared their lives with me since High School. I was asked to their parties and I asked them to mine. That was in 1967 for God’s sake. What has happened?

I had (black) co-workers I shared with and we established great friendships. I have always had a sense of humor and I met my match with Kevin… we used to make racial jokes and took it all in stride… he was not offended, and neither was I. No political correctness there. We even fantasized about a comedy team we were going to call “salt and pepper”. Of course, today’s folks would probably criticize that we didn’t call it “pepper and salt”. When was the last time you heard to the spices referred to as pepper and salt?

We are not progressing, we are regressing. Until we feel in our hearts the communion and affinity that I have been able to achieve with many of my “black” friends, it is nothing but an exercise in disruption, hate and controversy. I just hope we don’t have to fight a second Civil War promoted by all those that would seek to divide and erase the American Dream.

Sadly, Martin Luther King is no longer around. He sought to unite us and make us one people regardless of color. Great man that he was, he failed to see that some of his followers did not have his same dream.

Reverend Al Sharpton along with many prominent names under Dr. King’s wings, failed to follow his dream. They have sought to divide us rather than unite us. Controversy makes them important and richer. How much better are they than the slave owners who sought to enrich themselves on slave lives.

I find it hard to accept those that would seek truth outside of themselves. Truth lies within. This is what made Dr. King unique, perhaps had he been alive today none of the things that are happening would have come about.


To the editor: Received via Facebook.

Where s da beef?? Not enough meat on the bones to chew on.

Dennis R.

— Thanks for the push Dennis … We’re just getting started 🙂 // MG

To the editor: Received via Facebook.

I went {to the website}. Libertarian website trusting in our citizens to do the right thing (Hah!) and dumping on Biden. I like the intro. I wish you guys luck. Seriously. At least you’re trying to do the right thing out of an idealistic ideology, unlike the Trumpies. But it’s like the Flower Children. Nice idea but not survivable in this world. We’ve got to survive by banding together, and that means big government. What’s important is not to elect maniacs and trim the bureaucracy whenever possible. That’s just my take.

I wish you all the best,
Joseph G.

— Thanks for the feedback Joeseph. The Matrix Gazette is an equal opportunity offender. Keep coming back for more 🙂 // MG

Dear Editor:letters-to-editor

BRAVO! on your new online publication. I especially enjoyed your essay by Ken West (the 13 States) and the cartoon by Tom White; the latter particularly troubling to observers like me, as the friendly, local police are morphing into militarized, security forces. These ‘forces’ no doubt, will turn their guns on us citizens if and when we decide that Washington is totally out of control.

So congratulations and here’s wishing you folks the best of luck in your effort. We sorely need more voices in media like the ‘sane’, independent voices at Matrix Gazette.

Best Regards,
Steven Chase
Miami Beach, FL and Boone, NC


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