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Manifesto 2.0

Last updated on April 12, 2021

On Pearl Harbor Day, in December of last year, we published Manifesto,” by Dr. Jonas Ram.  We’ve asked Professor Ram for an updated version in light of the cautionary propaganda from the CDC and the Biden Administration. So here it is…

Individuals of America Unite!

You have nothing to lose but the chains that bind you — the rules, regulations, fear mongering, social-gathering warnings, mask mandates, travel warnings, and everything thrown at you daily to ensure that you live in fear.

But you can take common sense precautions as you would with any contagious disease.

State Governors, local politicians, Congress, and President Biden have no Constitutional right to tie you up in a regulatory straitjacket.

You are not a slave of the State.

You are free men and women (or at least, you once were).

Cast off your chains!

Tell them to “Go to Hell.”

Tell the politicians to “shove it.”

Tell the left-wing Democrats to go  far away.

It’s time to say “NO!” to a government that thinks it owns you — body, mind, and soul.

It doesn’t.

You own your Self.

Say “NO” to pompous little Biden Administration czars.

Flush them with the laxative of your knowledge and righteousness.

Reject the power they think they have over you.

You are an individual.

You’re not a cog in government’s quest for control of your every move, thought, and dream.

Take back your right to live your life as you see fit.

Demand that they respect your rights.

Demand that they respect your neighbor’s rights.

Demand that they respect individual rights!

Say “NO” to illegitimate government control.

The time to do this is now.

Not next week, not tomorrow — today!

A free people, even under severe conditions, have the will to live and prosper.

Having obeyed the dictates of Federal and State government since this ordeal began over a year ago, we are ready to take back our freedom.

We can take common sense precautions as we would with any contagious disease.

It is time to take back control of your life.

It’s time to tell Big Brother and Big Sister…

“Get the Hell Out of Our Way!”

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