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Last updated on December 7, 2020

Individuals of America (and the World Unite)!

You have nothing to lose but the chains that bind you — the rules, the regulations, the lockdowns, the social-gatherings bans, the mask restrictions, the travel bans, and everything thrown at you daily to stifle your freedom.

You are capable of taking common sense precautions as you would with any contagious disease.

State Governors, local politicians, and the incoming President have no Constitutional right to tie you up in a regulatory straitjacket.

You are not a slave of the State.

You are free men and women.

Cast off your chains!

Tell the Governor dictators to “Go to Hell.”

Tell the mayors to “shove it.”

Tell the left-wing Democrats to go away — far away.

It’s time to say “NO!” to a government that thinks it owns you — body and soul.

It doesn’t.

You own your Self.

Don’t follow their rules.

It is not your duty.

And say “NO” to pompous little czars that occupy the bowels of bureaucracy.

Flush them out with the laxative of your knowledge and righteousness.

You did not elect them.

Reject the power they think they have over you.

You are an individual.

You’re not a cog in government’s quest for control of your every move, thought, and aspiration.

Take back your right to live your life as you see fit.

Demand that they respect your rights.

Demand that they respect your neighbor’s rights.

Demand that they respect individual rights!

Say “NO” to illegitimate government control.

The time to do this is now.

Not tomorrow… today!

A free people, even under severe conditions, have the will to live and prosper.

Having obeyed the dictates of Federal and State government since this ordeal began, we are ready to take back our freedom.

We can take common sense precautions as we would with any contagious disease.

It is time to take back control of our lives.

It’s time to simply say to Big Brother, “Get the Hell Out of Our Way!”

–  –  –

EDITOR’S NOTE: Professor Ram has made his non-compromising views quite clear in the above Manifesto. We encourage you, Dear Reader, to consider the following questions:

  1. Has the government gone too far, or has its response been appropriate?
  2. What about the people who seem too stupid to follow common sense precautions? Should we be subject to their irresponsibility?
  3. If the incoming Biden Administration determines that a national lockdown is necessary to contain the spread of this virus, would you approve?
  4. Would you approve of a national mandate to wear masks, both indoors and outdoors (which the incoming Biden Administration is considering)?
  5. What authority do our local, State, and Federal Governments legitimately have to protect the health and well-being of citizens?
  6. If governments present the facts about the virus and a list of specific precautions one should take to protect oneself, is that enough? Or should they go further and institute restrictions (as is currently the case) with appropriate penalties for non-compliance?

What say you?  Send your responses and comments to We look forward to hearing from you.

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