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Last updated on March 8, 2021

News came in over the wires last Thursday that the Matrix Gazette was awarded the prestigious Palooka Prize!

The prize, named after the famous fictional boxing champion Joe Palooka, has only been awarded once before — to former President Calvin Coolidge.

Editor-in-Chief Ken West had this to say: “We at the Matrix Gazette are honored to receive this rare and one-of-a-kind prize.

I think I speak for our entire world-wide news organization when I say that this is truly a unique honor. Winning the Palooka is even better than winning a Pulitzer!”

The Palooka Prize Award Committee had this to say about the Matrix Gazette:

We at the Joe Palooka Foundation, award the Palooka Prize to the Matrix Gazette for its excellence in news reporting for an online weekly publication.

We know of no other weekly, online or in print, that equals its depth and breadth.

The Matrix Gazette pulls no punches.  Specifically, we refer to the following examples:

  1. Thought provoking and hard-hitting editorials. Three, are worthy of special mention:
  1. Political satire that sizzles in the frying pan of truth.
  1. Editorial Cartoons by Investigative Cartoonist, Tom White
  1. Under the Radar News – “What the media conveniently ignores.” Here are our candidates for the top three news items by top reporters from around the globe:
  1. The Global Police Blotter. Well-deserved kudos go to the most outrageous and hard-to-believe news on the planet on “The Global Police Blotter.” — Yet, it’s all true! 

In summary, we congratulate all the writers, editors, cartoonists, and far-flung reporters on a job well done! You at the Matrix Gazette have demonstrated your willingness to jump into the political ring with verve and chutzpah. You are a much-valued voice in a wilderness of political correctness. Keep up the good work.

Joe Palooka would be proud of you!




Joe Palooka Statue in Oolitic, Indiana

Editor Ken West’s childhood Joe Palooka Punching Bag

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