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Newsaholics of the World Unite!  You Have Nothing to Lose but Chains of Fake News.

Last updated on July 20, 2020

Feature Illustration by Newsaholics Anonymous

As a confirmed “Newsaholic,” I have a confession: I’ve stopped watching the news! Can’t stand it anymore. How about you?

Now, it’s all the anti-Trump news that’s fit to gag you on… and send Trump haters into whirling dervishes of hate. Then there’s the COVID-19 scare stories, which have (for the time being) eclipsed “climate change” hysteria.

Years ago, when I worked for Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I’d go over to “Casablanca,” a local bar and restaurant after work. Usually got there a little after six o’clock. The TV above the bar was always on, usually on a sports channel.

But at 6:30 on the button every night (even if the Red Sox were playing), the bartender would switch channels to the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. On rare occasions, someone complained. The bartender (a newsaholic himself) would ignore them.

My fellow barstool sitters and early diners immediately snapped to attention. Most of the afterwork clientele were disgruntled professors, authors (published and unpublished), anarchist theoreticians, house painters, handymen, and professionals of many sorts.  Like me, they were Newsaholics, especially when Cronkite was on. Cronkite not only reported the news—he was the news.

Those were the days. News was news, and hell… we knew it!

Fast forward to today… CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN dish out a daily emotional pablum of half-truths, anti-Trump opinion, the latest shooting rampage, dire warnings about global warming, and COVID-19.  But they always end their half-hour broadcast with a feel-good story to help us forget the crap they dished out earlier.

The only exception is Fox News. That’s why it’s poo-pooed and ridiculed by Democrats, big government types, and leftists everywhere. But that’s a story for another time.

Former Newsaholics of the world unite… You have nothing to lose but the garbage diet they spew out to you 24/7 for news. Rebel, my friends, rebel!

Yet, you may still have a yearning to know what’s really going on in the world, not just the nonsense emanating from the Boob Tube.  So, where can you find it? Where can you find news that’s NEWS?

Let’s see…

As mentioned a few sentences ago, Fox News is still a viable source for news and opinion.  The fact that it’s constantly lampooned by the leftist media speaks volumes. Let’s face it, they’re jealous of the high ratings that Fox News constantly garners.

But where else can you, my fellow Newaholics, find good solid reporting and opinion based on facts, not emotion?  I’ve given up on TV for the most part.  In print journalism, the leftist bias of the New York Times, Washington Post, The Boston Globe, LA Times, and lately, even The Economist, have turned far left and turned me off. Even the Drudge Report has turned into a bad news nightmare.

You may feel the same.

There is hope, however. In a previous issue of The Matrix Gazette, we published a list 21 Websites that may assist you in your search for the truth and… the news!  Some have a political or social agenda, but all have thought provoking news and commentary. Quench your thirst for real news here…

We pay our parting respects to the master, Walter Cronkite.

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