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Last updated on April 26, 2021

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, England was inflicted with “pestilence” in 962 AD.

King Edgar wanted to alleviate the distress of his people, much as our Congress and President have wanted to lighten the blow of the WuFlu (the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China).

Undoubtedly the King recognized from the extent and severity of the plague, accompanied as it was by a great fire in London, was a phenomenon of no terrestrial origin.

King Edgar consulted his council which consisted of Archbishops and High Lords on what could be done to ameliorate the effects of the contagion.

We do not know if they recommended masks and social distancing, but we do know other steps were taken.

The Archbishops, grasping the nature of the plague to its very essence, recognized immediately that God was really pissed off at the English.

Furthermore, like lightning, they saw the cause and its only solution. (Much as our Congress and President did.)

God’s hostility towards the English, they said, was caused by the sins of the people for not paying tithes to His church (excluding King Edgar and his Archbishops as they were all given a pass).

The solution thus was to make the masses cough up.

King Edgar, though religious, was not a fool, and straightway recognized the truth of their words and proceeded to write up a few laws to address the distress of his people.

Amazingly, we still have copies of those laws. They and others go by the name of IV EDGAR. Written in Anglo-Saxon, A.J. Robertson M.A. has translated them for us into modernish English. Here is the money line, as it were:

I and the Archbishops enjoin, therefore, that you do not, by withholding any of God’s dues, provoke Him to wrath, and incur either the sudden death [which is befalling you] in this present life or, still worse, the death to come in everlasting hell; but everyone, both rich and poor, whose property has yielded him anything, shall, with all gladness and with all willingness, render his tithes to God, as is prescribed by the ordinance which my councilors enacted at Andover, and have now confirmed by solemn declaration at Wihtbordestan.

King Edgar, on a roll, also put in a not-so-subtle hint that the rents, etc., due him and his lords should also be paid lickety-split.

Of course, our sovereign Congress and our shackled President lacking King Edgar’s forthrightness seek to conceal the looting of the citizenry in the name of the WuFlu by giving out lots of money. Much of said money going to the favored cronies of the pols, who of course get their cut.

Yet those shinplasters they handed out will come back to haunt us in the guise of higher prices.

The tithe to our masters that we will pay for our plague is the loss of purchasing power of our savings, not to mention, the loss of our freedom.


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