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Prayer to Our Government Masters

Last updated on August 10, 2020

Thank you, Our Government Masters,

For letting us pray.

We beseech thee… allow us this day.

Tell us what to do

And how to do.

Tell us to stay… away.

Tell us to wear our masks.

Tell us to be afraid.

For you, all knowing ones,

Know what is best.

Tell us when we can meet.

Tell us what we should eat.

Tell us when to go out.

Tell us when to come in.

Tell us how to behave.

Tell us what to do.

Tell us to rest.

For you know best.

Your humble servants await…

Send us your rules and your regs.

Things we can do

And things we must not.

Tell us true, what can we do?

For unlike you, we know not what’s best.

Thank you, Lord Bureaucrat.

We know this, but you know that.

Don’t be harsh on our humble pleas.

You are our Master; we seek to please.

Tell us when we go back to work.

Tell us when we can go to school.

Tell us why we are silly fools.

Tell us true. Tell us the news.

Tell us, our masters, what to do.

We will obey.

We will kneel.

We will pray… to you.

Thank you, our Masters, for letting us see.

Thank you, Mayors and Governors true…

What we can say and what we can do.

Thank you for letting us live

In this lockdown land of bliss.

Tell us, dear leaders, what can we do?

Tell us, tell us, we pray…

When will our stimulus checks come through?

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