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Questioning the COVID-19 Statistics

Being skeptical and math oriented, I have a lot of questions and comparisons about COVID-19.

In 1968 we had a pandemic, “the Hong Kong virus.” At a time when the population of the United States was only 200.7 million people, the Hong Kong virus caused a little over 100,000 deaths. Like today, there was no vaccine available at the time. The country was not shutdown, the populace was not stirred up into fear for their lives and a national sense of panic. The sick were taken care off and most of the infected survived. There were no economic repercussions, nor did it ever become a political issue.

Forward to 2020. The population of the United states is a little over 331 million people. COVID-19 deaths are 127,000 and as in 1968, there is no vaccine yet available. When we compare the number of deaths to the population, COVID-19 will not reach the severity of the 1968 pandemic until it reaches 165,000 deaths. Unlike in 1968 when no financial incentives were offered to hospitals for Hong Kong flu diagnosis, today, hospitals are being offered a financial incentive for COVID-19 diagnosed cases.

I don’t mean to be critical of our health institutions; but if by simply diagnosing  symptoms that many diseases have in common with COVID-19, they will receive in excess of 10k more per diagnosis, what do you think they will do? How many deaths have occurred from pneumonia, the regular flu, respiratory infections, respiratory complications of an existing condition…etc.

With this in mind, I find the 127k death count questionable.

We are appalled at all the new and existing cases. When, in the history of this country had so many tests for a virus been performed? It has become a way to feed us numbers to create a state of panic in the populace and paralyze the economy. I wonder what the numbers would look like if the same reaction had taken place in 1968.

Funny thing is that this would happen in an election year where the incumbent President has been the target of the far left even before he got elected. Somehow, he managed to dramatically improve the economy against all opposition and restore the nation to a position of power and respect in the world.

Conspiracies, slander, false accusations, media bending of facts and attacking at every possible instance, have failed to get him out of office.  They feel they must stop him from getting into office again as he would destroy the path that would lead to Socialism.

They seek to paint him as the Ugly American in the eyes of the country and the world. Yes, he is not diplomatic nor political, he is crass, offensive and often says the wrong thing, but he is a Patriot that doesn’t seek to enrich himself with his office and has the best interests of the Country in mind.

Having lived in a Communist country, I will take that over any paper hanging, riot sponsoring, self-seeking Socialist, that will take what I have worked hard for and seek to give a tiny portion to others. They will keep the bull’s share to themselves and their cronies. Been there, seen that.

Be smart, check my facts.

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