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Sonkajärvi, Finland – Wife Carrying Championship 2020 Canceled

Finland’s peculiar athletic race is sure to test a relationship.

An outlandish trust exercise for some or exciting honeymoon to others, this event entices representatives from around the world to compete in groups of three couples at a time around an epic sand track filled obstacle course, which includes a deep water pool.

The Wife Carrying Championship is considered one of the 7 most bizarre ‘feats of strength’ events in the world, the championship last year attracted 80 competitors that headed to the small town of Sonkajärvi, Finland armed with only a helmet and belt to help them cross the finish line.

It’s not that big a deal these days if you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet or gotten married! The rules say that entrants must carry their wives or their neighbours, we guess partners and friends must be allowed. The designated ‘wife’ has to be at least 17 years old and weighs in at a minimum of 49 kilograms. If the designated ‘wife’ is lighter, she must carry a weighted rucksack, given to her by officials.

For this great feat of strength, the world champions win the equivalent of the wife’s weight in beer, a bag full of wife-carrying merchandise and an official logo statue. With special prizes for second and third couples as well as the most entertaining couple, best costume and strongest carrier, your day is filled with entertainment for both contestants and spectators.

The competition is also catching around the world. Australia, the UK, USA, India, Hong Kong, and Germany, now hold their own versions of this freakish event.

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