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The 20-Year Hunt for the Man Behind the Love Bug Virus

THIS STORY IS adapted from Crime Dot Com: From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global, by Geoff White.

“It’s 30 degrees in the shade and I’m standing, sweating, at the entrance to a sprawling street market in the Quiapo district of Manila, capital of the Philippines. On a piece of paper I’ve written the name of the person I’m searching for: a Filipino man named Onel de Guzman. I’ve heard he might have worked among the mass of stalls spread out before me … maybe … several years ago.

The virus was groundbreaking. Not because of its technical complexity or the disruption it caused, but because it showed how to utilize something far more powerful than code. It perfectly exploited a weakness not in computers, but in the humans who use them—a tactic that has been used in countless cybercrimes since.”

Read the rest of the saga here…

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