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The Fake Money Blues

Last updated on November 2, 2020

Next week will be like no other. We will either re-elect President Donald Trump or elect Joe Biden as the President for the next four years. It’s going to happen, one way or the other.

As a public service to our readers, we offer some insights into what the future holds for us no matter who wins this election. Our focus is on the future, the next five to ten to twenty or more years. What can we look forward to if our massive Federal government keeps on spewing out fake money?

Sure, your money still buys stuff. Can’t live without it. But, have you noticed that everything you buy seems to cost more today than it did a short while ago?

The buying power of those dollars in your pocket or in your credit cards is being diminished every day.

Federal Reserve Notes pretend to be money, something with actual value. They are being spewed out in the land like overabundant cherry blossoms — colorful at first, but quickly rotting into brown mush. Their value dries up quickly.

What’s happening now under both Republicans and Democrats is a drunken printing spree of fake money.

There will come a time, not far away, when the dollars you spend today will be worth less — much less.

It takes time, of course. That’s why those dollars can still buy things.

But what costs twenty dollars today will cost forty dollars not that far away.

If you’re retired or on a fixed income, you will be poorer. The buying power of your dollars will have diminished.  If you’re still working, you’ll have to get a raise to make more fake money to keep up with the prices for things.

How did we get here?

Governments from the beginning of time have tried to create a magic medium that never loses value. Originally, they found the solution with gold and silver.

Somewhere along the line governments sought a shortcut and created paper money. First it was backed by gold or silver. Then, the political elite sought a way to bypass the necessity of gold or silver (or anything of real value).

In America, they created Federal Reserve Notes — the paper you have in your wallet (if you still carry money). Have you been surprised lately, when you go grocery shopping, that the grand total is higher than it’s ever been?

Those dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) escape your wallet or checking account faster than ever before.

Now, back to the Presidential Election…

Soon after you read this, we may have a new President.

Yet, no matter who wins, Federal printing presses work overtime spewing out more fake money — pretty as cherry blossoms. But you’ve got to spend them soon before they lose their value and rot.

If the Democrats get in power, more fake money printing presses will be needed.

Meanwhile, Republicans have forgotten about their once seemingly serious concern about deficit spending — the printing of more fake money.

Someday, your dollars will be worth less… a lot less, ‘til they become worthless.

It may be too late.

Or maybe it isn’t.

That, my friends, is up to you.

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