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The Good News for a Change!

Last updated on September 14, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the constant torrent of bad news.

As a public service to you, Dear Reader, we sent our crack team of investigative reporters to find good news for a change! They searched far and wide across the far corners of the Earth. The following is just some of what they found…

In India, our reporter found a man who’s devoted his life to ending math phobia. As a child, the doctors didn’t give him a chance for a normal life after a serious head fracture. But then, the boy discovered math!  And, the man, became famous in India and parts of the world. His story follows…

Child with Fractured Skull Grew Up to Be ‘Fastest Human Calculator’ and now is a Math Educator

“When he was five years old, he fell from his cousin’s scooter when it was hit by a truck and fractured his skull when his head hit the road.

“Twenty-year-old Neelakantha Bhanu is known in India and all over the world as the “world’s fastest human calculator.”

“That accident changed the way I used to define fun, and it is the reason why I am here today,” he said.

Now, “I don’t want to be the face of mathematics — there are enough of those, and they are exceptional. I want to be the face against math phobia. Very simple,” he said.

Read the rest of the story here…

With so much angst about the discrepancies between rich and poor nowadays, researchers discovered an unexpected benefit form Montessori education…

Montessori education obliterates difference between high- and low-income kids

“Researchers tracked academic achievement, social cognition, executive function, and creativity in a longitudinal study of kids across the socioeconomic spectrum.

“A new longitudinal study from the University of Virginia has been published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology comparing the Montessori educational method to regular preschool education. The results show marked differences between the two approaches, with the Montessori education leading to better performance on several measures and, importantly, to more equalized outcomes between groups of children coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Read all about it here…

If you’re a supporter of the President, this is good news indeed. (To our Democratic readers, we apologize—you can skip this news item and move on.)

Trump Lands Major Endorsements from Democrat Mayors in Minnesota

A number of Democrat mayors from Minnesota endorsed President Donald Trump for a second term on Friday as Vice President Mike Pence campaigns in the state.

“Like many in our region, we have voted for Democrats over many decades. We have watched as our constituents’ jobs left not only the Iron Range, but our country. By putting tariffs on our products and supporting bad trade deals, politicians like Joe Biden did nothing to help the working class. We lost thousands of jobs, and generations of young people have left the Iron Range in order to provide for their families with good-paying jobs elsewhere. Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class.”

Read why they endorse President Trump here…

Despite the devastating state and local government lockdowns across the country, the Trump economic revival refuses to say “uncle.”

Jobs report: US economy adds 1.371 million payrolls in August, unemployment rate dips to 8.4%

“The US economy added back a greater than expected number of payrolls in August and the unemployment rate improved by a larger than anticipated margin, as employers continued to bring back workers as virus-related business disruptions abated.

Read the jobs report here…

One of our reporters discovered this older new item, but its relevancy to the present is a needed reminder that there are technical solutions to plastic pollution beyond recycling…

Scientists create mutant enzyme that recycles plastic bottles in hours

“The enzyme, originally discovered in a compost heap of leaves, reduced the bottles to chemical building blocks that were then used to make high-quality new bottles. Existing recycling technologies usually produce plastic only good enough for clothing and carpets.

“The company behind the breakthrough, Carbios, said it was aiming for industrial-scale recycling within five years. It has partnered with major companies including Pepsi and L’Oréal to accelerate development. Independent experts called the new enzyme a major advance.”

Read more here…

Occasionally, even the New York Times feels the need to report good news. Here’s one of their latest pieces that our Big Apple reporter discovered while taking a peek at the Times as he sipped his double expresso at Starbucks.

This 84-Year-Old Gamer Has More Than 900,000 ‘Grandkids’

“Shirley Curry has clocked thousands of hours of gameplay since the 1990s. She’s been a gamer longer than many of today’s top competitors have been alive. Still, when people rave about her charming walk-throughs of the blockbuster role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, she feels their praise is out of place.

“When people say things like, ‘You’re a legend!’ it embarrasses me. Because I’m just a newbie old grandma,’ Ms. Curry, 84, said. ‘I try to just be honest and be me. I sit here in my apartment and dream up stories. That’s all I do.”

“She starts every day at her home in southwestern Ohio perched in front of the computer with her camera on, ready to guide her ‘grandkids’ — the term she uses to refer to her more than 900,000 YouTube subscribers — on another journey through the 2011 video game.”

Read the rest of this New York Times story here…

Sometimes, in the annals of crime, there are good stories. Here’s one of them…

82-year-old Female Weightlifting Champion Sends Intruder to the Hospital

“When an intruder broke into 82-year old Willie Murphy’s house in Rochester, NY, he did not realize that he was going to be the one that needed an ambulance.  Willie Murphy is not a frail old lady.  In fact, she’s stronger and in better shape than most people.  She is a weightlifting champion who can deadlift 225 pounds!

“He picked the wrong house to break into,” Willie Murphy said.

“When he charged in the house, Willie Murphy grabbed the closest thing she could find…. A whole table!”

Read what she did to the guy…

During this pandemic, many people found themselves unable to get back to their homeland and their homes. Over 100 people from Africa were unable to get out of China. A man, sitting at his dining room table in Canada was able to orchestrate an escape…

A Man with a cellphone in Canada rescues group of Africans stuck in China

“On 2 September 2020 CNN reported: Even for 2020, with its once-in-a-generation global pandemic and the countless travel bans that have followed, this rescue mission seems a bit far-fetched.

“To get around 100 South Africans and a couple of dozen Zimbabwean students out of China, it would take Air Zimbabwe’s only functioning aircraft, and diplomatic channels in embassies across the world — all orchestrated from a dining room table in Canada by one man, armed only with a cellphone.

“It is me. Me alone and my phone. I am new in Canada, so they don’t give me much phone credit here,’ laughed Tertius Myburgh — a South African commercial pilot who lives in New Brunswick.

“But that phone — and its limited credit — represented the last hope for so many stranded in China…”

Here’s how he did it…

A paperwork snafu prevented a combat veteran from having his rescued dog with him when he got home. Fortunately, there are good people willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.

Veteran to Be Reunited with Dog He Rescued from Middle East

A veteran will be reunited with the one-year-old dog he rescued during a deployment in the Middle East after a paperwork mix-up nearly sent her back. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. A.J. Kirrish feared for the dog’s life when the confusion could have sent her back to Jordan — where officials say she likely would have been euthanized.

Read about their reunion here…

So far, this just scratches the surface of the good news that’s waiting to be rescued beneath the pile of bad.  Meanwhile, our Matrix Gazette editors and reporters will keep our eyes open for hopeful news amid the rubble.

We even wrote an article by a former “newsaholic” who found a solution to fake news.

If you have a news item (good or bad) you’d like us to cover, send it to  Please feel free to share this and other stories from The Matrix Gazette.

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