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The New Nation of CHAZ… No, make that CHOP

Last updated on June 22, 2020

Well, they just changed the name. It was CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), but the powers that be (and no one is sure who they are) came up with a name change—CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupation Protest).

But then, more problems… One of the shifting power brokers, claimed that CHOP stands for Capital Hill Organized Protest, not “Occupation.”  He then claimed that they don’t want to secede from the United States. So apparently, they just want a chunk of the city — gratis.

Meanwhile, a skirmish broke out when a CHOP guy with a ladder tried to take down the CHAZ sign, to be replaced by a CHOP sign. The shifting, late night/early morning crowd didn’t like that… and confiscated the ladder and sent the guy packing.

Stayed tuned for the latest name change, coming to you from the new nation of CHOP.

What’s this all about. What is CHOP?  Is it a joy-filled street festival that its media supporters claim it to be? Or is it a 6-city block chunk of Seattle given up to the protesters by the Mayor’s action of removing the police from their precinct? Is it good or is it bad? That all depends of what you hope for the future.

CHOP is a model for how to take over a city… Not the whole city, but a good-sized chunk. Just take it over. Protest. Riot. Drive away the police. Get local politicians and the media to back you up. Hell… If they can do it in Seattle, why not the Big Apple… Or Boston… Or Philly.  How about Chicago! There is plenty of real estate to occupy, in plenty of cities.

For anarchists everywhere, CHOP provides a template for chopping up a city and grabbing a piece of prime real estate. Don’t be surprised is you see more attempts to do the same thing

Grab a city. Destroy a civilization.

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Our crack research team here at the Matrix Gazette has compiled some news sources to help you follow this story…

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 770KTTHRantz: Confusion as Seattle activists change CHAZ to CHOP

 USA TodayIn Seattle’s Capitol Hill autonomous protest zone, some Black leaders express doubt about white allies

 The Seattle Times Dubbed a ‘lawless state’ by some, the CHAZ or CHOP, Seattle’s newest neighborhood, tries to create its own narrative

 GOOGLE – Images from the land of CHAZ and CHOP

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