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The Presidential Election of 2020

We are now less than 6 months away from a Presidential election that will probably go down as one of the most contested in the History of the United States.

Billions of dollars will be invested by both parties and all stops will be pulled out. What is at stake is what direction will America take? Will we continue on a path of capitalism, respecting individual freedom, rewarding individuals on the basis of merit and hard work and putting the interests of America first? Or, will we take the path of Socialism, with the Big Government controlling every aspect of our lives and rewarding all according to need? … All except for the elite ruling class. They will get all the luxuries they want as we have seen happen in any totalitarian State. I must admit, I am somewhat scared. I cannot envision a great result, no matter what side wins.

Should President Trump win the election, the Socialist Democratic Party will not accept it and continue disrupting the social structure to achieve their goals. “The end justifies the means.”

Should Joe Biden win the election, who will be his Vice-President? Joe Biden will be 78 years old in November 20th. As any neurologist can tell you there is a great decline in mental ability as we get older. It varies from individual to individual, but there are some telltale signs that can be observed. We have been observing some from Mr. Biden for a few years now. Those that vote for Biden, must realize that they are really voting for his choice of Vice-President. They better get it right.

How will conservative Americans react to a Government that seeks to take away their arms, redistribute wealth, not just nationally, but globally. That will seek equality not by bringing up the standard of living of others, but by lowering the standards of the American populace by giving away their productivity.

Censuring History, changing the narrative of our development as a nation, can only result in resentment and conflict. I hate to ask the question, but…Are we in the first stages of a new Civil War? I really hope not. But the intransigence to accept a duly elected President and the attempts to remove him from office by all means possible, demonstrates an unwillingness to compromise by Socialist extremists that seek their way or the highway.

Let’s face it, the mainstream media are part of those that have been indoctrinated for decades in our institutions of higher learning. They have an agenda and will distort anything, lie, make up stories to fulfill their agenda. The fools don’t realize, that once they succeed, the government of the society they seek to create will be the first ones to step on their throats to silence them.

History has never been kind to the ignorant that follow the direction of the herd… right into the slaughterhouse… when just at the last minute they realize they were wrong… too late.

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