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The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush

Nobody does hypocrisy better than today’s Democrats and their Media appendage. Take for example the recent rehabilitation of their new idol, George W. Bush. Last week, nothing but glowing comments and love towards our war-criminal past president because, after all … he’s not Trump.

In the age of Trump, so far our Media and the Dems have lionized John McCain – a man who never saw a war he didn’t like – and Geo. H.W. Bush, the CIA’s point-man since the Kennedy years and one of the architects of our disastrous military globalist expansion. Democrats, with Joe Biden leading the charge, even encouraged Trump-traitor Mitt Romney to run for Senator!

Every effort to rehabilitate G.W. Bush must be repudiated, and replaced with the truth.

By the end of his first term Bush had launched two full-scale ground invasions, murdered a million or more Mid-Easterners, bombed another 5 sovereign countries, destabilized an entire region creating the foundation for ISIS and widespread international terrorism; and ushered in a whole new level of unprecedented US military imperialism. Thirteen years later, we are still bogged down in the cruel and monumental stupidity of G.W. Bush.

Not only bad foreign policy, but he domestically presided over the largest financial crisis in nearly 100 years; allowing a free-for-all on Wall Street, bail-outs – that turned out to be the country’s biggest moral hazard – with the U.S. Taxpayer ultimately footing the bill. A legacy of $10 Trillion dollars of debt hanging around the necks of Americans as this cowboy rode off to his ranch in Texas.

Trump has done nothing that rises to the level of malfeasance and depravity of Geo. W. Bush.

For Democrats, rude posts and racist tweets (mostly taken out of context) are worse than kids being ripped to shreds by cluster bombs; or mothers marching hundreds of miles in the desert seeking safety for their children and  families. Entire nation-states reduced to rubble by institutionalized mass murder – do you actually think Trump has done worse?

After all, it was done in a ‘gentlemanly’ manner by a gentleman president who also engaged in ‘gentlemanly’ torture and surveillance all over the world, in flagrant disregard of both domestic and international law.  Bush actually snuggled up to the Obamas, and not one rude tweet about Hollywood’s celebrities; The Dems had to find ways to convince themselves that politicians who facilitate Bush’s policies would be a good commander-in-chief:  Obama in 2012, Hillary in 2016, and now Biden in 2020.

For over 3 years, rank and file Democrats and the Media have breathlessly promoted baseless narratives insisting that Putin had sieged control of Trump. They were constantly baited that any day now ‘the most important event ever’ will force Trump from office. They had lost scale and perspective. How can one reconcile a million dead Iraqis in context  when you are told day after day, year after year that your country is under the control of the Russian Hitler?

The overlay of many false narratives  – the urgency, the alarmism, the hyperbole, the innuendos – leaves us with the distinct impression that the current U.S. President is awful in a way that is unique and historically unprecedented. He simply is not.

Any institution or political party that so warmly rehabilitates and welcomes a bloodthirsty war-monster like Bush  deserves no support from today’s Liberals and Progressives. Nor it’s media lapdogs.

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