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This Is Your Achievement Zone

This is the fourth and last installment of a special Matrix Gazette feature based on a forthcoming book titled Your Life Zones by Ken West.

In last week’s post, You Are About to Enter Your Discovery Zone, we discussed the nine areas from which you gather vital knowledge that can empower your efforts for achievement.

Now, we enter the arena from which you create and produce perceivable and tradable value in this world — Your Achievement Zone.

You have eleven achievement zones:

  1. Life Span – The time between your birth and your death — playing field of your life.
  2. Time — The space that encompasses your day-to-day activities.
  3. Passion — Your unique internal drive which can power or motivate you to action.
  4. Dreams — “Anticipated future realities.” Your BIG goals.
  5. Purpose — Your chosen direction to achieve what you want in life.
  6. Energy — Physical and mental power you draw upon to accomplish goals.
  7. Work— How you create value, change, and results for yourself and for others.
  8. Goals — Shorter range components of your dreams.
  9. Tasks — Your daily actions for accomplishing goals.
  10. Roles — The roles you play in life.
  11. Wealth — Money and property that you’ve earned, saved, or invested.

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail…


Your Life Span

Your life span is the playing field of your life.

It’s the time you have to live between birth and death.

It’s your life!

Because each of us will die someday (as painful as that may be to contemplate) it provides a huge incentive to live the best life possible and to enjoy the fruits of this life to the fullest.

Your life span—the limited time you live—provides a needed urgency to achieve the values you have set out to achieve.


Your Time

Time is all you have.

It’s a “river of passing events.”

It’s the past, the present, and the future.

It’s this moment and the next.

It’s the next ten years.

It’s your life span.

You swim in this “river.”

Time management is life management.

It’s getting things done that are important to you.

Time is the day-by-day space from which you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.


Your Passion

Passion is your power source.

It comes from everything that you’ve experienced since you existed.

It’s your home base of emotional power.

To get what you want in life requires sustainable energy.

You can get this energy by focusing on what you are passionate about—what makes life worthwhile to you, what gives it zest.


Your Dreams (for the future)

Dreams are anticipated future realities.

They are what you most want.

But they only have power to motivate you if you believe they are possible.

Dreams are your prime motivators.

They give you the zest for life that transforms your daily grind into a workshop for achievement.

They are your guiding stars.

For a dream to stay alive it must be fed a healthy diet of thought, planning, and, most importantly, action.

Dreams are vital things, yet vulnerable.

If you ignore a dream by a lack of consistent thought, planning, and action, it goes into hiding and can eventually die.

(See my book Get What You Want for a process to revitalize and achieve your dreams.)


Your Purpose

If passion comes from inside you, and your dreams are anticipated future realities, then your purpose is the path you choose to take to live your life and reach your dreams.

Purpose is direction—directing the energy of your passion along a path toward achievement.

Purpose is like a contract with yourself to achieve what you want in life.

It is your self-chosen mission.

Other people may try to tell you what your purpose should be.

Don’t let them.

It needs to come from you.


Your Energy

Without energy nothing would get done.

It’s your internal energy, both physical and mental, that makes it possible for you to accomplish your goals.

I discovered something many years ago when I was doing a long string of training seminars in various cities across the U.S.

I was tired and running out of energy.

But I had to keep going.

Then, suddenly I could feel an infusion of energy flowing through me.

It came from me.

It came from the essential demand of the job I was doing.

I created the energy by the knowledge of my body and mind that I had no choice.

Had to keep going.

My energy creation capacity kicked in, powered by whatever mental and physical process was generating the needed energy.

Essentially, we are energy producing entities.

We not only use energy, but we also produce it by the demands we place on our bodies and minds.

We create it.

In the process of creating value, in the process of the working at our capacity, in the process of keeping going, we generate and produce energy to get the job done.

It works—if you do.


Your Work

Work is how you make changes in the world, from minor tweaks to significant changes.

It is a noble activity for the benefit of your life and the recipients of your labor, services, and created products.

Some may argue that work is what we do to make money, and that unpaid work is not really work.


All effort at improving some aspect of life, big or small, paid or unpaid, is noble work.

“Unpaid work” is a misnomer.

When we do an unpaid job either for ourselves or for others, we still receive the value of learning, and earning the respect and gratitude of the recipients of the work (even if it’s oneself).

It’s still a trade of your effort and work for the non-monetary value of a positive change you’ve made by your work.

And your unpaid work represents future value, either monetary or not.

Work is the outlet for your passion and purpose.

It’s your attempt to bring some aspect of your dream into reality.

It’s purposeful.

It’s a forward-looking effort to build your desired future.

Work is where you convert your ideas into reality.


Your Goals

Goals are important destinations along the path of your purpose toward your dreams.

They are the big jobs necessary to accomplish a dream.

Since time is limited, goals are your way to speed things up, and get things moving.

Goals represent your plan of action.

Goals also serve another purpose—resuscitation.

Dreams that are not acted on and pursued can eventually suffocate and die.

Goals supply the oxygen and life-giving nutrients that can revive and rejuvenate a dream—bringing it back to life.

Another way to think about goals is to consider them as the building blocks or components that make your dream a reality.


Your Tasks

Tasks are daily, short-term activities to achieve specific goals.

Tasks are components of a goal.

When tasks are aligned with your dreams, passion, purpose, and goals, they convert your “daily grind” from drudgery to achievement.

Tasks are how goals get accomplished and how dreams are achieved.

They are the individual, daily steps needed to execute a plan of action.


Your Roles

Throughout your lifetime you take on various roles, depending on your situation and inclination.

While taking on a role, your behavior matches what is required by that role.

This is one of the reasons that when you are in the right job, the requirements of that role seem to come naturally.

But when you are in a job that is not right for you, you must fake it to the extent that it doesn’t come naturally.

You’re a square peg in a round hole.

Therefore, it’s essential for your happiness to take on roles that fit your personality, talents, and inclinations.


Your Wealth

Wealth is created from ideas, work, and trade.

It’s the result of achieving some aspect of life that represented a solution to a problem.

It’s a result of solving those problems.

It’s the result of creating new products and services that enhance life.

Wealth is the reward for achievement.

Wealth is our human way to store value.

Wealth allows us to put aside the profits of production, store it, and have it continue to work for us, and be at the ready when we need it.

It is capital used for future production.

It’s money you can use to purchase the goods and services that other producers have created and made available for trade.

Wealth is frozen form of past production in the form of stored value in money or liquid resources.

Wealth is a resource you can use for future achievement.

We now come to the end this series with a brief excerpt from the book, Get What You Want:

Your life span is your one chance to live life to its fullest, to experience, to create, to become the person you desire to be, and to achieve your dreams.

This is the time that you have available.

It is a tiny segment in the history of the world—but it is all the time you have.

Ask yourself this final question: What do I want—and what am I going to do to get it?

Be bold!

Get on with your life and your dreams.

Bon voyage.


“Life is the purpose of life.”

—Ayn Rand


This completes our four-part series, excerpted from a forthcoming book by Ken West, Your Life Zones.

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