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Train Clubs, Countries, and the Use of Force

Last updated on January 25, 2021

If a group of people decide to form a society, whether it be a model train club, bowling team, business venture, or church, there is one thing that is required for all members…

No, it is not knowledge of trains, bowling, business, or religion although that undoubtedly helps.

It is something that is never mentioned nor is it even thought about in the normal course of events.

Yet it underlies the very existence of the society and without it the society cannot exist.

It is the unspoken agreement between all members that they will not use force against other members.

It is the recognition that force has no place in activities of the society. It is the recognition that the club, team, business, and church are places of peace.

In any business, an employee using force against another employee will be summarily dismissed. And this is true of any other voluntary society with few exceptions.

Why is this so?

Each society is formed for a purpose which is the object of the society. It is why it exists.

If a member reacts to disagreements by using force or brings personal animosities to the society and realizes them by using force, then the pursuit of the object of the society is disrupted and impeded.

Even worse the society will cease to exist if the use of force is tolerated.

No one in a model train club is going to tolerate violent behavior. He will simply quit if he sees it is allowed.

Ditto a bowling team member.

People get enough grief in other areas of their lives.

They join a club or a team for interest and relaxation not aggravation and violence.

A business cannot tolerate violence for it will impede production and lose its customers and employees.

A church may be more forgiving for they are in the business of fixing people, but don’t bet the farm on it.

A country is different…

Most people, if asked what the object of a country is, will have no idea how to answer.

Yet it does have an object.

There is a reason why people join together and form or become part of a country.

The reason is simple: they wish to enjoy a better life than the one they currently have.

This usually entails forming or joining a country where they have more freedom, and where the object of the country is freedom for its citizens.

A country with freedom-seeking members, like any other society, has an unspoken agreement between citizens that they will not use force against each other.

In fact, this unspoken agreement is what makes it a free society — a society of freedom-seeking citizens.

Yet, ironically, so-called free countries are not like other societies in that they tolerate violence.

How can that be?  They have, courts, prisons, and other penalties for citizens who use force against their compatriots. That is not toleration!

But most people who use force against others are not caught or penalized.

Those who are caught seldom go to prison and most of those are released at some point.

Countries tolerate violent people when they do not expel them from the country.

It’s as if a violent model train club member can attend meetings but is locked up in a cage to protect the other members. That changes nothing.

The threat remains.  Members would still leave. The club would still cease to exist.

It’s the same with countries. People will leave them if violent people are tolerated.

It may take longer for a country to go belly up, but it gets there in the end, especially if its government refrains from using force against criminals or is full of people who think it’s fine to use force against innocent citizens.

A country that tolerates violent people is a country that is running on fumes.

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