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What Makes a City?

It’s not the buildings. It’s not the parks. It’s not the city streets.

What makes a city is law-abiding people!

It’s those who contribute to human flourishing, not destruction and mayhem.

Specifically, it’s the creators, the traders, the movers and shakers of art and commerce.

It’s the living power of individual minds creating new ways to expand possibilities.

A city is alive when its buildings are occupied and functioning.

A city must have the ability to trade and conduct business.

A city dies without law & order, and when criminals and looters reign.

A city is alive when everyone can move at will, conducting their personal and professional business in peace.

When people and their commerce are missing, buildings become empty shells.

When government or criminal gangs cut off the power supply of commerce, cities die.

When governments wrap law-abiding individuals in dictatorial straightjackets to “protect public health” the health of the public suffers…

When criminals and looters are given a free pass to rob and destroy…

The life that remains in cities dies.

A city needs the freedom to grow and expand.

What you and I need to say to criminals, looters and…

To Nanny State politicians is,

“Get the hell out of our way!”

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