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What Motivates the Enemies of Capitalism?

Last updated on April 5, 2021

First and foremost, the enemies of capitalism hate it because it works.

They are reactionaries — reacting against capitalism.

Capitalism focuses on this life and this world.

It is successful, it works, and people can thrive under it.

As Ayn Rand wrote about our enemies: they hate the good for being “the good.” Jealousy and envy further fuel anti-capitalism.

A socialist critic once made an interesting comment about capitalism some time ago.  He said that capitalism was “irrational” because it “spilled surpluses all over the place.”

He was not concerned that it didn’t work but that it worked too well.

Yes, capitalism is as “irrational” as nature itself.

Capitalism utilizes nature’s principles of abundance.

If you seek to advocate for capitalism, you need to know what motivates its enemies.

The real issue is philosophical.

To advocates of any variant of collectivism, the essence of right action is altruistic intention.

If you do something for an allegedly “altruistic” reason — meaning not for yourself but for others — then the action is good, regardless of the means or the consequences.

An altruistic motive is all-important to a collectivist, whether they call themselves environmentalists, socialists, communists, terrorists, fascists, or any variant of the collective mentality, including religious fanatics.

Right action is allegedly done for the good of “the people.”

They are believers in intrinsic value.  They believe that some things are good regardless of their consequences.  And therefore, if it’s necessary to deprive some people of their freedom, property, or even life, then so be it.

Another strain of this is the belief that if the desired result is “good,” then the means used do not matter.

In other words, the ends justify the means.

If you want to know why there are so many apologists for repressive societies, consider this: To them, “the good,” whatever that may be, can be achieved by government force.

The enemies of capitalism view life from a collective frame of reference.  They view the individual as expendable, if necessary.

They view our concepts of freedom and liberty as bourgeois sentimentality — except for themselves.

They reject the notion that individuals should be free to choose their purposes in life and act accordingly — which is the essence of capitalism.

It all goes back to their philosophical roots.

To them, the action is pure if it is altruistic and selfless.

When one acts in self-interest, it is suspect and not morally significant, no matter that the results are beneficial.

To them, a benefit destroys the moral value of an action.

It must be selfless, even if a sea of blood results.

Their rhetoric proclaims concern for the poor and less fortunate, but their real concern is for power.  The compulsion to control is at the heart of all enemies of capitalism.

Power lust is alive and well. It thrives on envy and the hatred of the successful for being successful.

And capitalism is the most successful social system the world has ever seen.

Capitalism is a system built on rational selfishness, i.e., pursuing your own life without violating others’ rights.

It is a system that recognizes and codifies the fact that you own your own life.

Capitalism’s enemies want to rule the “deplorables,” those who grapple with life every day in a “selfish” pursuit of success and happiness.

What stands in the way of capitalism’s enemies is the middle class.

Those in the middle class believe in the system, thrive on it, and make it work.

All collectivists, including modern-day terrorists, want to control and potentially destroy the middle class and middle-class life.

They want to terrorize and scare the middle class.

Aristotle remarked that the middle class is the stable class that makes for a stable society.  A stable society stands in the way of our enemy’s dream of conquest and control.

Therefore, their goal is to disrupt middle-class life throughout the world with acts of sowing confusion, scare tactics, subversion, and even terrorism.

If this sounds irrational, it is.

The enemies of capitalism hate the independent, rational, self-interested mind, anchored to reality.

The businessman and businesswoman have come to symbolize this rational selfishness that capitalism’s enemies despise.

Environmentalism, socialism, communism, and fascism are reactions against the modern world — against technology, progress, growth, the middle class, and worldly happiness.

But what about the more moderate “progressives,” liberals, and socialists who seem to value modern civilization?

They preach reasonableness, moderation, and trust in big government.

They plan to control the economy by political action, thus negating freedom of choice — a slow poisoning, leading eventually to destruction and death.

They want society, the nation, the state, and the community to decide economic issues.

They house their arguments as a battle against “inequality of wealth,” calling for democratic control of the economy, which means democratic control of individuals, their property, and their mind.

The essence of property is the right of disposal and decision.

By taking away individuals’ and businesses’ right to decide how to use and dispose of their property, socialists, environmentalists, and collectivists will have achieved the dream of all power-lusters to control human beings effectively.

Socialists (and environmentalists) want to plan how to use “societies” (or “nature’s”) resources.

They want to control and decide how individuals use their wealth and property.

This collectivist mentality is at the root of all their misconceptions and deceptions about capitalism.

They have neat, organized plans for our unpredictable economy.

The economy is the sum of our actions when we get out of bed in the morning — across the world.

Capitalism is a system of equal opportunity and possibility to pursue one’s dreams.

Enemies of capitalism want equal results.  The only way to get equal results is to hold down anyone who rises too far and keep everyone on the same level.

Therefore, they are always harping against “the rich.” They want to conjure up envy among the less informed.

They want to plan and control our actions and lives while spending our money to do it and expecting our moral sanction in return.

We need to remember that the enemies of capitalism allegedly want to take away the pain from life but instead take away the pleasure.

Human pleasure is what they cannot stand, especially pleasure that is freely chosen by individuals.

They cannot tolerate rational, self-interested pleasure.

They are, at heart, worshipers of pain and death.

And that is what they offer the world.

– – –

Ken West is the author of the new book,  Capitalism WIIFM.

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