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Who Will Joe Biden Pick as His Running Mate? And, His Surprise Secret Desire

Last updated on June 1, 2020

It most likely will be a woman. It’s only way that Joe will be able convince female voters that he’s backed up by someone with a woman’s common sense—and potentially able to step in as President—If Biden self-destructs or fully loses his mind. Women voters will feel more comfortable with a woman waiting in the wings—but Biden will have to stop sniffing women’s hair.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whom many are now calling “the worst governor in America,” after her draconian stay-at-home, don’t go anywhere orders… don’t go past GO, don’t even think about it. The main problem with choosing her is that half of the Michigan population are ready to give her the boot, right out of the front or back door of the Michigan State House.

Hillary Clinton, the perennial favorite—former Secretary of State, First Lady when her husband Bill was the President, and architect of Hillary Heath, that never got off the ground. She’d love to be Biden’s VP no matter what she says publicly. She suspects that Joe won’t last two months if he gets to be President, before he self-destructs in his classic mumble jumble jive, now fully enhanced by a seeming dementia.

Senator, Amy Klobuchar, the political moderate’s favorite. She’s one who could potentially garner disaffected Republican votes. Seems to have her head screwed on with a no-nonsense, Mid-Western, common sense. Her only problem is that she’s a Democrat—which automatically carries with it the Democratic platform and leftist big government solutions to everything.

Stacey Abrams, former Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Georgia in 2018 and a State House of Representatives minority leader. Democrats see her as a rising star in the Party. Plus, she’s Black. Yet, Biden who traditionally polls well with African Americans, won’t need Abrams because of her race.

Senator, Kamala Harris, is the toughest one in the bunch (other than Hillary). She’s a former California Attorney General, winning that election by a margin of less than 1%.  Harris comes fully loaded with all Democratic Party bells and whistles of Climate Change, Labor Unions, Social Justice, etc., etc., etc. Plus, she is also a “woman of color.” Amen.

Michelle Obama, former First Lady and most admired woman in America, according to the Democrat-loving media. Here’s Barack’s chance to get back into the White House as… “First Man” or should it be “First Gentleman”? Michelle, however, would be a long shot, and one that Sleepy Joe might resent. We’ll see.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently endorsed Biden. Although Biden and she disagree on some key issues, she does offer him an advantage…  Disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters would see Warren as a sort of Bernie Sanders Light. She’s just as radical even if she unbelievably calls herself a Capitalist. She never saw a regulation that she didn’t like and has a program for everything.

Other Possibilities: There are other possibilities for women with less name recognition: Latina governor Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, Nevada Senator Cortez Masto, who took over when Harry Reid retired, and junior Senator from Illinois, Tammy Duckworth. Each could bring a certain geographic benefit to Biden. He’ll need it.

Finally, we offer Joe Biden’s secret desire U.S. Representative, Tulsi Gabbard! She is not a real possibility, but Biden wishes she were. Tulsi has been anathema to Democrats with her anti-war stance and willingness to vote “Present” during the final Impeachment vote in the House. She has also been in a simmering dispute with Hillary Clinton after Clinton hinted that Gabbard was a de facto Russian agent. Yet, Biden, who is notorious for his proclivity to sniff women’s hair, would LOVE to stick his nose into Tulsi’s flowing dark hair. Poor Joe — You can’t always get what you want.

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